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2012 MTV Video Music Video Awards

One of the most exciting events set to take place at the end of summer is the annual MTV Video Music Awards, taking place on September 6th! The award show has become a pop-cultural phenomenon allowing youth culture a time to shine. The most impressive addition to the show over the years has been the inclusion of people’s choice style awards. In which viewers can vote and select their favorites. MTV has always been a network with its ear to the pulse of their viewers. The network never hesitates to allow almost anything to happen during the live broadcast. For this reason, the award show always draws in millions of viewers, and today nothing has changed. The first Video Music Awards took place at the historic Radio City Music Hall in 1984, and a young Madonna took to the stage to perform her hit, “Like a Virgin”. Since that first performance, Madonna has won 20 VMA’s making her the most decorated artist. She is still a fixture at each award show, and her performances have pushed the envelope on more than one occasion.

As an evolving network MTV kept up with the generation and made changes to the style and look of the show. In 1986, MTV responded to criticism related to their disregard of black artists by showcasing the late Whitney Houston as a favorite for the evening. The evolving climate of the music industry has helped MTV to mature as a network adding more musical genres to the ballot.  One of the most noticeable changes in the award show format is duties and selection of the host. The daunting task of leading an entire award show is difficult for anyone, but this year’s host should fair pretty well. Comedian and actor Kevin Hart will lead the event, and laughs shouldn’t be short on supply. With the “anything goes” air of the even, he should have his hands full keeping the show on schedule.

This year the VMA’s will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The highlighted performers include Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and P!nk; with presentations by Wiz Khalifa, Miley Cyrus, Mac Miller, and the Fab Five gymnasts of this year’s US Olympic team. This should be one of the better years for the network, as MTV has really made voting easily accessible through their website. Be sure to participate in seeing your favorite performers take home a moon man, and submit your choices!

by Jayelle Dorsainville

As the Social Media & Content Specialist of InterFACE, I'm here to provide you with up-to-date Entertainment, Fashion and InterFACE news!