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3 Auditioning Tips for Child Actors

Audition Tips For Children Actors

Imagine a long day of work watching babies and children scream, cry, and yell. This can be the life of a casting crew when auditions are taking place. Talented children that get chosen for roles never make these mistakes, of course no one is perfect, and every child has off days. Auditions can be hard to come by in these times, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of booking work.

Here are some helpful tips for the long awaited audition day:

1. Have a good breakfast

The day of an audition is especially important, so why not start it out perfectly? Cranky kids are often hungry or sleepy, so it is best to cover these bases before casting calls or acting auditions. Make sure your son or daughter gets a good night’s sleep and has a full belly before heading out. Bring snacks and toys to keep them occupied while you wait to be called, and make sure your child is content.

2. Dress to impress

There’s nothing worse than seeing a child with runny eyes, boogies, and mismatched clothing. Keep your son or daughter looking neat before an audition, as this will put his or her best face forward to the casting crew. Many parents choose a variety of their children’s best clothing and allow them to select which outfit they would like to wear.

3. Prepare

Whether your child is singing, acting, or dancing, it is beneficial to have them practice their lines, song or routine before heading out to an audition. Be sure to choose a performance your son or daughter actually likes, so they appear happy while entertaining. The better prepared your child is, the higher his or her chances are of being selected for a part.