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What To Wear

What To Wear To An Acting Audition

Have you always dreamed of performing on acting auditions? Do you imagine blowing away casting directors and nabbing the role you want? These are all signs that you are serious about becoming a successful actor, but there are a few important acting tips you should know, as well. To ensure that you make the best first impression, through the use of your acting portfolio, it is crucial to have flattering photos and a high-quality composite card on hand to impress industry professionals. Many aspiring actors are looking to talent marketing companies that provide these services. Popular talent marketing center InterFACE offers these services in addition to providing access to hundreds of industry professionals.

For beginning actors and actresses, the idea of attending acting auditions can be exciting and nerve-wracking. From wondering what to wear to whether or not it is best to dress in character, a lot is riding on your ability to wow the casting agents. There are a few guidelines that can increase your chances of making a great first impression.

Though many people lean toward black fabrics to make themselves appear slimmer, this isn’t always the best color to choose on an audition. Sometimes very dark fabric has the effect of making someone look much paler then they are, and this can have an unflattering effect on your overall appearance. The same is true for white fabric, which can wash-out complexions. Instead, choose a hue that flatters your skin no matter what.

It is also important to avoid noisy, glittery, or flashy clothing and accessories. It may be tempting to glam it up on your audition, but this can backfire by being too distracting. The same goes for clothing with writing and logos. An audition is your time to take center stage—not your clothing or jewelry. The same can be said about perfume and cologne. Less is more. You never know who may have an allergic reaction to your favorite scent.

First impressions are important in the entertainment industry. Aim for a neat look that compliments the type of character you are auditioning for. If you may be auditioning for more than one role, it is also wise to pack another outfit and bring it with you. Once you have memorized these and other acting tips for acting auditions, it is up to you to find a talent marketing company that can help get you started.