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What Is Twerking?

If you live anywhere outside of  under a rock, I am sure you have heard about the “new” dance crazy called “twerking” that seems to have taken middle-American teenagers by storm. From Showtime’s newest series “Ray Donovan” to Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMA spectacle, everyone is talking about and wondering just what in the world is [...]

Top Boston Dance Agencies

Dancing In the Streets of Boston! There is a saying that goes, “Why walk when you can dance?” This holds true to cultural diversity that is Boston, Massachusetts; and here you thought Boston was only famous for the bar Cheers and the Red Sox. Boston is home to the performing arts and gaining momentum for [...]

Several InterFACE Clients Audition For KIDZ BOP Promo!

You remember the KIDZ BOP commercials, we all do, they featured talented kids performing pop hits! Today, KIDZ BOP has expanded to not only create music for kids, but social networks, programming, and dance. Via the Kidz Bop official site: “KIDZBOP LLC. has been working over the last ten years to deliver safe and entertaining [...]

Harlem Shake: A New Internet Dance Craze

The internet has been known to start many different crazes like planking, and the “Gangnam Style” dance mania. Now the internet has helped to popularize a new dance based on a new techno song called the “Harlem Shake”. Not to be confused with the hip hop dance “The Harlem Shake” that was popular around the [...]

Gangnam Style: 10 Best Dance Phenomenons

By now we have all found our inner “Gangnam Style” after the popular dance that was inspired by the mega K-pop hit of the same name has turned into an internet sensation. But PSY wasn’t the first to make a splash on the pop culture scene with a cool dance phenomenon, here we take a [...]

Top Dance Companies in Miami

Miami is a city with so much style. The city hums to its own soundtrack, a melting pot of Cuban and Latino rhythms, hip hop beats, and jazz grooves. In a city sizzling with such sweet melodies, it is no surprise that the city is filled with talented dancers, who are active in several top [...]

Get Ready for Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars

As fall television kicks off get ready to put on those dancing shoes because Dancing With The Stars is back and this time it is only for the All-Stars! All of the fan favorites from season 1 to season 14 are back and ready to take home the coveted mirror-ball trophy and the competition is [...]

InterFACE Presents: Subway Stars Episode 3 The Float Masters

InterFACE Talent Presents: Subway Stars Episode 3. Subway Stars is an in-depth look into the talented people that perform in the New York City subway systems. In this third installment, we featured New York City based dance team, The Float Masters. As a whole, the dance group combines classic break dancing with pop and lock [...]

InterFACE Launches New Video Series “Subway Stars”

  New York City is the mecca for all types of performing artists. People travel far and wide to the Big Apple in hopes of obtaining fame. What most people don’t see are the underground superstars of the city performing in hopes of landing their chance at stardom. We would like to introduce to your [...]

SXSW: Behind The Interactive Festival

Techonolgy, music and film are undoubtedly some of the coolest industries around right now. SXSW is a company that produces festivals for these industries. This comprehensive company produces  a number of festivals including: SXSW Music, SXSW Film, SXSW Interactive and SXSWedu. Each conference is a leader in its industry and is attended by thousands of industry professionals [...]