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Gatorade Commercial Auditioned InterFACE clients following a request from Cleri Models!!

Cleri Models has requested these InterFACE clients to audition for a Gatorade commercial!! The Gatorade Company, Inc. is currently the leading sports-themed beverage and food product company, accounting for approximately 75 percent of the market share. Gatorade has a wide presence in several sports thanks to extensive promotions and marketing, particularly in American football. One [...]

Vonage TV Commercial: InterFACE Client Booked Following Latin Model Miami Request!

Congrats to InterFACE client, Zenayah who has been requested and booked for a Vonage TV commercial by Latin Model Miami! As a relatively new company, Vonage provides telephone service to their customers via broadband connection. The initial owner, Jeff Pulver used his experience that he gained at Cantor Fitzgerald to kickoff Min-X, which eventually became Vonage, [...]

CBS’ “Blue Bloods” Booked InterFACE Actors Following Industry Professional Request!

InterFACE actors, Christopher, Brayan, and Ryan have been requested and booked by and Industry Professional for the hit CBS series, Blue Bloods! This is definitely not the first time that InterFACE clients have been booked for the hit TV series! Blue Bloods  has an award0winning cast, one that includes Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and Donnie Wahlberg! [...]

CBS ‘Unforgettable’ Series Booked InterFACE NJ Actor After Divine Management Request!

Congrats to InterFACE NJ Actor, Ayush who has been requested and booked by Divine Management  for ‘Unforgettable’ TV series!   CBS premiered the very successful American mystery The Unforgettable on September 20th, 2011.  The series follows the life of Carrie Wells, a former New York police detective, played by Poppy Mongomery, who has extraordinary memory [...]

American Baby/Parents Magazine Booked InterFACE NJ Model Following BMG’s Request!

Good news for InterFACE NJ model, Skylah! After being was requested by BMG Models, she was booked for an American Baby / Parents Magazine!” First published in 1926, Parents is an American magazine that had a loyal readership with a with a high monthly circulation of close to 2 million subscribers. Founder George J. Hecht [...]

Prestige Management Representation Request For InterFACE NJ Model Tej

This is exciting—InterFACE NJ model, Tej, has been requested to meet with Prestige Management Group for possible representation! Earlier this year, InterFACE FL client, infant model Jayme was considered to be a child model for the Tommy Hilfiger fashion line! Baby Jayme landed the possible opportunity after being requested by the same Prestige Models & [...]

Dell Inc. TV Commercial & Print Promo Booking For InterFACE FL Client Travina!

Congrats to InterFACE FL client Travina. She was requested and booked for a television and print promo for Dell! Dell is currently listed at #51 on Fortune’s “500 list” and is the #3 PC vendor in the world, right behind Lenovo and HP. When it comes to the largest shipping vendor of PC monitors, Dell [...]