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Bic Booked InterFACE CT Model for Commercial After Exxcel Model and Talent Agency request!

Congratulations to InterFACE CT child model Juel. She received a booking for a BiC commercial after she was requested by Exxcel Model and Talent agency! Société BiC, which puts out BiC products, is a Clichy, France-based company. The company is globally recognized for their disposable consumer products.  Baron Marcel Bich established BiC in 1945, and [...]

Aéropostale Booked 6 InterFACE NJ Client Models Following Cleri Models Representation Request!

Six InterFACE NJ models were booked to appear in an Aéropostale advertisement after being requested by Cleri Models! Aéropostale has teamed up with Pretty Little Liars‘ costume designer Mandi Line for a two-year four season collection. They announced the partnership in January. Items from this collaboration can be purchased on the company’s website here. Aéropostale, a [...]

Promposal Ideas of 2014, 28 Ways Someone Has Been Asked To Prom [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

Remember when teens use to say “Hey, you wanna go to prom?” Not anymore. According to one teen expert, thanks to the growing popularity of social media and flash mobs, asking someone to the prom the traditional way has gone out the window. Nowadays how you ask has been taken to another level. If you search under [...]

“Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier” Sequel Movie Review

The film adaptation for Marvel Comics’ latest release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier smashed box-office records during its opening weekend. Following its nationwide release in theaters on April 5, the three-day total for ticket sales were $96.2 million, according to Rentrak, a movie studio box-office tracker. Luckily, our Creative Director Tony Patryn saw the film and was happy enough to [...]