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Photoshop Fails of Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet & More; Edited Photos Sends Bad Message [PICS]

Several brands have come under fire recently for having released photo shopped images that suggest unrealistic beauty ideals. Despite advanced technology in graphic design, Photoshop fail seems to still occur more frequent than one would expect. Many magazines and leading brands including Victoria’s Secret have received harsh criticism for altering images of celebrities and models [...]

Posche Models Requested Five Interface FL models for Representation!

Congrats to five InterFACE FL models– Cindy, Ilena, Mariya, Leonardo and Peterson–were requested by Posche Models for potential exclusive representation! Posche Models is a global talent agency that represents both aspiring models and actors.  The ever-growing agency was established and founded in 2001 in Miami, Florida by Jeff Workman. The Chicago native earned an accounting degree [...]

“BMG Models Requested 6 Interface FL Child Models For Possible Representation!”

We have our fingers crossed for several InterFACE clients based in Florida. One of the industry’s top agencies, BMG Models are considering taking on not one, but six InterFACE clients for possible representation! The lucky six child models being considered are: Jada, Leia, Jayden, Fabrizio, Ricardo and Gregory. BMG Models first opened their doors with one office [...]

Interface Clients Requested for Hilton Hotel and Resorts Print Ad!

We have some exciting news…InterFACE child models Maja and Marcell recently were requested by Griffin Models to audition for a print ad for Hilton Hotels! The young stars may be featured in the company’s upcoming ad campaign which will show off their adorable faces. If they are photographed as the new campaign faces, the grade [...]

InterFACE Clients Requested by Deco Models To Audition for TOMS Footwear

InterFACE clients could possibly be booked to represent the most socially responsible company in the fashion industry! Deco Models requested several InterFACE child model clients to audition for a print ad for TOMS footwear. TOMS footwear is famous for becoming the first brand to introduce the socially responsible business model of “buy one, give one.” [...]


Art Basel 2013 made South Beach Miami the hippest destination earlier this month. The massive amount of supermodels and celebrities who attended proved it was the place to be when it began on December 4. Eva Longoria, Paris and Nicky Hilton Alex Rodriguez, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz and his daughter Zoe Kravtiz; Pharrell Williams [...]

InterFACE Models Requested to Meet With Cleri Models

New Jersey is most known for huge shopping malls, fist pumping beach goers, and for having one of the most expansive highway systems. Those quick facts sound okay, but what about modeling in New Jersey?  Although the state is quite close to the bustling city of New York, models in New Jersey don’t have to go [...]