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You should be dancing!

Do you have dreams of becoming a professional dancer one day? Whether you have been taking dance classes since you were young, or you just always knew how to move to music, a dream of becoming a professional dancer is a fitting aspiration. However, many people do not know how to go about breaking into the entertainment industry and become a dancer.

InterFACE is a talent marketing company that helps to connect aspiring talent with industry professionals who have access to endless opportunities in the dance industry. InterFACE helps get talent started by preparing them with the marketing tools they need to be promoted to industry professionals such a casting directors and talent agencies. InterFACE offers clients the opportunity to take a professional photo shoot to compile their head shots and composite card and then markets those materials to a pool of experienced industry professionals such as managers, casting directors, and talent agents. InterFACE also features their clients on their original database that hosts talent profiles in a searchable format that is accessed by industry professionals and talent agencies who are searching for new talent to fill numerous dance and theater opportunities.

Dancers who begin at InterFACE get the advantage of a lifetime, by having a “one-stop shop” where they can set up and create professional marketing materials that can help promote them to hundreds of industry professionals, talent managers and agents. By applying InterFACE’s efficient marketing strategies and industry connections, aspiring dancers will open the door to a greater chance of receiving industry requests and opportunities.

InterFACE has assisted many aspiring dancers in breaking into the dance industry. InterFACE clients have participated through industry professionals on dance auditions for on-camera commercial campaigns for leading brands like Sony, Chuck E. Cheese, and Reebok.

So are you serious about dancing your way down the path to becoming a star? Get started with InterFACE Talent and learn how to become a dancer today!