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Four InterFACE Clients Requested to Audition for a Coca-Cola Print Advertisment

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by Dr. John S Pemberton as an alcoholic beverage, but was later developed as a nonalcoholic medicine and sold in an Atlanta pharmacy. Dr. Pemberton believed Coca-Cola cured ailments  including chronic headaches, impotence and addiction to morphine. The company would change hands several times until finally landing in the hands of Ernest Woodruff. As a form of collateral, the formula for the mixture was kept secret and placed in a vault until all payments were made on the deal. According to The Coca-Cola Company website, “though the actual secret formula is destined to remain a mystery to most of the world, the exhibit, “The Vault of the Secret Formula,” offers insight into the intrigue behind Coca-Cola’s most closely guarded trade secret.” In 1925, Woodruff reclaimed the formula and had it placed in the SunTrust bank for 86 years till it moved to its new home at the World of Coca-Cola. Today, Coca-Cola is the world’s most valuable brand introducing several variations of soft-drinks around the globe.

Congratulations to our InterFACE clients requested by Griffin Models to audition for the advertisement.

by Jayelle Dorsainville

As the Social Media & Content Specialist of InterFACE, I'm here to provide you with up-to-date Entertainment, Fashion and InterFACE news!
  • ariane estaba

    How do we request to audition? Im an interface client

  • Adesola

    Jayelle, my son is one of your clients. you have not for once promote him neither did you ever send me an update as you said you will. That money didn’t grow on a tree you know.

    • jdorsainville

      Send me an email to with your sons name and the location at which he signed up. We only want the best for our clients.

  • Janet Mashkovich

    Jayelle, my daughter is one of the client of InterFace, however nobody call her, promote her or even send the request. Your agency got a lot of money from us and we have a contract for 4 years. Is somebody going to work with my doughtier?

  • JazzyLovesSinging

    Hello! My name is Jasmine Wolski, but you can call me Jazzy. I’m interested in the Coca-Cola ad. I have experience in acting from my town I live in. I’ve been acting at this theater for five years and I’ve also done school plays. So if you are interested, please contact me. Thanks! :)