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Geek is the New Black: Get Geek Chic!

Geek Chic fashion for those interested in the modeling industryDo you remember that guy in high school that had the worst fashion sense? He paired striped bow ties with printed collared shirts, high water pants, and Chuck Taylors. Passing him in the hallway just made you appreciate all of the “fashion sense” you had. Well, that same look has reappeared on the scene, and as all fashion does, it has been recycled and brought to life in a new way. Now, the guy with the bow tie is the life of the party, and his tailored pants make a better impression then your boot cut jeans.

“Geek Chic” is a fashion term that encompasses every fashion accessory and clothing article that the stereotyped “nerd” would wear. Except being referred to as a “geek” does not carry the same negative connotation as it used to; especially since black rimmed Ray Ban glasses are now the new “it” accessory, and bow-ties are almost a fashion staple for trendy guys these days. For those interested in the modeling industry, they would know that the designs that are coming down the runway are much more “nerd-inspired” with styles that mirror the 1950s American preppy look coming back into the popular fold. Top modeling agencies are also flocking to find not just beautiful models but models that have a quirky, unique look about them.  This enigmatic look is one that has become popular as the revenge of nerd culture has come to fruition within popular fashion.

Celebrities have been jumping on the “nerd-alert” train as well with entertainment icons like Demi Moore and Jay-Z donning black wire-rimmed glasses, and quirky actors like Zooey Deschanel and Michael Cera rising in popularity for their “geeky” style and look. Want to get”geek chic”? Check out some of these items here.

by Godis Rivera

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