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Instagram Better Than Facebook?

The entertainment industry is changing. Social media has a direct effect on how some artists are becoming famous, and also how they interact with their fans. Nine years ago a social media platform called Facebook launched for college students, and since that time the social media channel has become one of the biggest marketing platforms in the world.

The entertainment industry has been hugely affected by social media. Facebook is used to connect celebrities with their fans, and keep them up to date on what projects and updates the artists have going on. Social media allows fans and celebrities to develop a close relationship by allowing a type of virtual access into the lives of celebs that was just not available years ago.

RIhanna on FacebookFacebook boasts over a billion followers on the network, and because of this brands and companies from all over raced to get their information in front of one of the biggest audiences in the world. But with the growing number of businesses on the social media channel, some of its appeal started to fall away from the target demographic of teens and young adults. The network started to become more appealing to older and more professional users, which means the cool points started to drop.  Also due to Facebook becoming a publicly traded company, the pressure was on to begin to use the network to make money. Although an account is still free, Facebook packs much of their content now with distracting ads and “promoted” posts, which has caused some of their original users to complain.

instagram better than Facebook

Singers Chris Brown & Justin Bieber joke around in an Instagram photo

Enter Instagram. Instagram was a simple social media platform where users only post pictures, and can make the images pop with some of the apps cool photo filters. Since Instagram is available only by using smartphones and downloading the app, it kept most of the general public at bay and made the new platform “just for the cool kids”. Soon celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, and Instagram became the new Facebook without the annoying status updates, and interfering ads. UK’s The Gaurdian reported, “In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9 million monthly visitors in the US and 2 million in the UK.”  Instagram users grew to over 100 million by early 2013, while Facebook was faced with losing accounts.

Instragram is organic, it’s interesting, and it’s just plain fun. Facebook is becoming old news (remember MySpace anyone?) Not to be completely outdone Instagram was acquired by Facebook in early 2012. Even though Facebook is losing the battle, it looks like they may have won the war.

by Godis Rivera

As the Director of Content & Social Media @ InterFACE, I'm here to help you stay current on all Entertainment, Fashion and InterFACE news! Like our FB Page -
  • Bozo666

    Hopefully Instagram will put Facebook out of business like they’re predicting. There’s always been too many problems with Facebook. R.I.P.

    • gwattsrivera


    • Amir Dread

      Facebook bought Instagram in 2012…last paragraph in the article.