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A talent marketing company that's helped over 10,000 people get
started in exciting Entertainment and Fashion opportunities!

South Norwalk, Connecticut

Directions 35 North Water Street
South Norwalk, CT

At our convenient full-service Talent Marketing Center in South Norwalk, Connecticut, we offer everything you need to take that important first step into the entertainment or fashion world! At our Talent Marketing Center, you’ll find:

  • A Full Service Photography Studio
  • Make-up Artists and Stylists ready to give you the perfect appearance!
  • Accomplished, Experienced Artistic Directors who ensure that your photo shoots are professional and appealing.

Seasoned Marketing Directors will prepare your strategy and choose the best images to present to the industry – using their expert eye and know-how to prepare your very own composite card!

Our Connecticut office is located in the quaint and cozy town of  Norwalk CT. Clients at this office are conveniently located near projects taking place at the brand new Rich Forum Theater and other movie production studios that have opened in Stamford and New Haven, CT.