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Baby Modeling Agency

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Do you find your adorable baby is just a natural in front of the camera? While other children are crying and whining during photo time, is your baby all giggles and smiles? Then you may want to consider baby modeling for your youngster! Modeling for babies is a bustling industry that utilizes babies and toddlers for print advertisements and commercials. InterFACE is a popular talent marketing center that is not an infant agency or manager, but in turn offers photo shoot and marketing services to promote talent directly to industry professionals and help young models break into the industry.

Modeling for babies is a particular industry because babies and toddlers generally cannot take much direction, control their moods, or work for very long hours. Because of these constraints for most baby modeling jobs, several babies are booked for the same job so that the photographer is sure to have a baby that will be in a good mood and not too tired to finish the job. This gives more babies a better chance of booking a modeling job. Parents of babies are typically informed of baby casting calls from the agency that they are working with.

Infant modeling agencies are modeling agencies that work with babies and toddlers and help to secure opportunities for the children such as casting calls and auditions. Typically there are not very many baby modeling agents who work only with babies. Babies are generally part of the younger talent of a children’s division within a children’s talent agency. Many top baby modeling agencies also represent older children and teenagers.

Another general rule among baby modeling agents is that they typically do not exclusively sign babies or infants to their agency, but instead work with them on a freelance type basis. Children are not usually offered exclusive modeling contracts until they are around four years old. However, when a baby modeling agency freelances with a young child they still work just as hard to try and give them access to as many baby casting calls, auditions, and modeling jobs that are in the child’s age range.

Many parents search the internet high and low trying to find information on top baby modeling agencies for their child. The problem is there are so many infant modeling agencies, it makes it hard for parents to determine which agency is best for their child. When trying to find a baby modeling agent, parents can be overwhelmed by all the information that is available. Many parents have solved this overload problem by starting their infants at a talent marketing company. A talent marketing company is a company that directly markets babies and toddlers to infant modeling agencies.

InterFACE is one of the top talent marketing centers in the country. They get babies prepared by offering professional photo shoot services so that aspiring baby models will be prepared with a professional head shot and composite card, and then directly promotes these marketing tools to a group of top baby modeling agencies. Once the baby modeling agents receive these marketing tools, they can begin to request the adorable little ones for a number of opportunities including casting calls, auditions and modeling jobs! This makes parents’ pursuits much easier by providing their children access to top industry professionals and preparing them with the promotional materials they need to break into the industry.