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Finding Modeling Jobs For Teenagers

Teenage Modeling Auditions

Being a teenager these days is definitely not easy, and becoming a teenage model is even harder.  However, some teens are finding success in the industry and because of this, parents are searching for information on modeling opportunities for teenagers. But typing in phrases like “modeling agency nyc” or “teen modeling agency Brooklyn” into online search engines can only get you so far. InterFACE is a talent marketing center that makes the process easier by helping aspiring teen models by promoting them to industry professionals who in turn can request them for industry opportunities including modeling auditions and casting calls.

With the recent increase of social media advertising, adolescent marketing has become more and more popular among brands, and teenage modeling jobs are becoming increasingly mainstream. Some major companies are even enduring controversy as they are opting to utilize teen models in their adult print campaigns such as Elle and Dakota Fanning, 13 and 17 respectively, for Marc Jacobs, and Hailee Steinfeld, 14, for Miu Miu.

Teenagers typically book jobs as models after auditioning or attending a casting call for the project. Parents of kids who are looking to break into the modeling industry are generally unsure of where to look to find information on local modeling auditions for teenagers. One of the best places to start is a teen modeling agency. Most of the major modeling agencies work with teens ages 14 and up, while children’s’ modeling agencies specfic work with toddlers up to young adults. The problem then turns to; which modeling agency is right for my child?

InterFACE provides young adults the opportunity to complete a professional photo shoot with experienced photographers and makeup/hair stylists which results in certified head shots and composite cards. These marketing tools are then promoted to a group of veteran modeling agencies, or industry professionals that can request the talent for a number of opportunities. Parents can feel secure knowing that their teens are marketed to top industry professionals and can break into the industry by leveraging our lasting industry connections.