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Model Portfolio

How To Make A Model Portfolio

Actors have their video reels, singers have a demo CD, and dancers have their signature routine, but for models the key to their success is in their modeling portfolio. Modeling portfolios are essentially a ‘resume’ for a model, and is a collection of photos that exhibit the model’s skill and versatility.

For models who are researching how to make a model portfolio they should first begin by looking into model portfolio examples. By looking into the structure of a modeling portfolio, models can learn what they will need when creating their own portfolio. Most modeling portfolio samples will have similar contents, such as a collection of different types of model photos. These photos can include commercial photos, which are photos that are most typically used in print advertisements for products and brands. High fashion photos may also be included, as these photos have an edgier look that would be used for high-end products or clothing brands. Depending on the model, other types of looks like fit modeling or parts modeling images may be included, so that it is clear the model encompasses a broad spectrum of skills.

Models can generally use the internet to search for an array of information and samples of modeling portfolios. When models are considering creating their own portfolio, one of the most important first steps is finding a top model photographer. InterFACE is a talent marketing company that provides professional photography and styling services to models who are looking to create their modeling portfolios, head shots, and composite cards. Models can skip the overwhelming search for a reputable photographer, and start at InterFACE to create their marketing tools and work with an experienced creative staff. InterFACE also offers marketing services that will promote the clients’ photos to a pool of leading industry professionals like modeling agencies and management companies.

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