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Modeling Casting Calls

Find Modeling Casting Calls

When it comes to modeling casting calls, everyone has heard something different. From scary long lines and horrific waiting times, to casting directors plucking fresh talent from the crowd and discovering someone on the spot; there has been a variety of feedback about these coveted opportunities. The truth is model casting calls can vary with different types of experiences, but all in all they are the portals to modeling success.

Castings, also called auditions or go-sees, are a gathering of talent who are being reviewed to be cast for a particular opportunity. Casting directors use the auditions to see which models would be best to receive the role in the upcoming modeling project. Casting calls for models are typically pretty simple. The talent is asked to come in and take a photo, and the casting director looks over these photos at a later time to make their decision. It is important for models to be on time and fresh faced at every modeling casting call, this way they are not hurting their chances at booking the opportunity.

One of the most difficult parts about model casting calls is figuring out when and where they are taking place! Typing the phrases “casting calls Miami Florida” or “model castings Miami” into internet search engines can only get you limited information. There are a few ways aspiring talent can try and research information about local casting calls.  Models can try to explore local casting calls by using the internet, or other local websites and publications that post event ads and entertainment opportunities. However when doing this, talent cannot be sure that the opportunities they find are from reputable companies and are for certified projects.  One of the ways to guarantee you receive information regarding top model casting calls is to work with a modeling agency, or industry professional.

Modeling agencies are companies that represent models and work constantly to give their clients access to several different opportunities such as modeling casting calls and auditions. Modeling agencies also help to guide the career of the model and help them to build and solidify their careers. There are a number of modeling agencies all over the country, but because modeling is such a high demand industry, it can be difficult getting a top agency to notice you when you are just starting your career. Recently, aspiring models have been turning to talent marketing centers to try and break into the industry and connect with industry professionals.

InterFACE is a talent marketing company that helps directly promote talent to a range of top industry professionals, so that the clients can be requested for a number of different opportunities. Our clientele are positioned at the helm of the curve, by getting the chance to take a top-quality professional photo shoot, aspiring models who start at InterFACE are able to have their composite cards and head shots created, and get those tools marketed to the right people! After being marketed to industry professionals like modeling agencies, aspiring models will start to see requests for some of the industry’s premier opportunities for print and television ads.