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Six InterFACE Clients Requested and Booked for Tommy Tippee

The Tommy Tippee brand is a high quality line of products designed for newborns to toddlers. Their product line includes: pumps, bottles, sterilizing machines, child monitors, pacifiers, tableware and sippee cups etc. With brands such as this, baby modeling is important to the image of the brand. The baby modeling industry is much more inviting because opposed to supermodels or high fashion models, babies don’t have to be perfect. In advertisements, commercial and print ads, baby models should have bright eyes, an easy smile and clear skin. Children with exotic features are the top choice for agencies, but the all-american look is necessary too. The most important feature a baby model must have, is a great demeanor and personality. During photo shoots and video shoots, the child will be asked to pose for periods of time and sometimes this can be too much for a child. It’s important to get your child accustomed to this type of environment prior to getting into baby modeling.

by Jayelle Dorsainville

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