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What’s Considered Timeless Music?

We asked the question on our Facebook page not long ago, ‘Does Beyonce make timeless music?’ and received a number of interesting responses, which begs the question, “what is timeless music?” The idea of timeless music varies from person to person, but the overall objective is that timeless music is music that transcends the ages. [...]

Eye of the Beholder: Defining Real Beauty

In recent years the entertainment industry and media has molded the current idea of what beauty is. Many times the media has being accused of using unethical practices to portray the idea of “beauty” for women as a being rail thin, fair-skinned, with long flowing hair. An ideal that simply is not realistic. Methods like ‘photoshopping‘, [...]

Renowned South Florida Talent Agency Forges Relationship with Talent Marketing Center InterFACE

Boynton Beach Talent Agency Exceptional Events Entertainment Creates Productive Association with Boca Raton Talent Marketing Center InterFACE Sherry Reichart of Exceptional Events Entertainment (E.E.E.) has been a fixture in the South Florida entertainment scene for over three decades. Her infectious energy and overwhelming knowledge of the industry has made this charming woman both successful and [...]

Should Celebrities be the Sole Role Models for their Fans?

In light of the recent musical reconciliation collaboration, between Chris Brown and Rihanna, it is necessary to dissect the relationship celebrities have with their fans. On February 20th 2012, the two young pop stars released two musical collaborations they had been working on together. The collaboration represents forgiveness by Rihanna to Chris Brown, and an [...]