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Top Modeling Agencies in New Jersey

As a premier talent marketing center, we have made partnerships with several top industry professionals. Through these existing relationships, our clients benefit by receiving more requests for entertainment industry opportunities. Some of our strongest professional relationships are with modeling agencies in New Jersey. These modeling agencies search for talent throughout the entire tri-state area, specifically New York City. It may seem that beginning a career by modeling in New Jersey would not benefit a New York City model, but several world renowned models have been successful with NJ modeling agencies.

Although our existing connections with modeling agencies in New Jersey are strong and beneficial, we do try to inform our clients on other successful agencies that we come across. Several of these agencies are licensed and extremely well-versed in the industry.

Axis Model and Talent: this is one of the fairly young nj modeling agencies that represent men and women of all ages. This new age company features a digital roster of clients accessible through their website. Their roster is not limited to modeling clients, but also includes actors and stylists. Axis Model and Talent provides interested talent with precise measurements and requirements. Located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Axis can be contacted via phone and email.

Elen’s Kids: child modeling in New Jersey continues to thrive through NJ modeling agencies such as this. The Elen’s Kids agency is located in Cranford, New Jersey and represents children below the age of 18. As a licensed agency their clients receive opportunities for print, theatre, television, and film. The family owned business has been in operation for 11 years which demonstrates their knowledge of the entertainment industry.

Model Team: one of the best assets for any company is a staff with extensive experience. Model Team is one of the most experienced modeling agencies in New Jersey, lead by former models and actors with over 60 years of experience.Their clients have been seen in some of the top fashion and entertainment brands, such as, Ralph Lauren, Teen Vogue, L’Oreal, Microsoft, MTV etc. This licensed agency also leads their very own bi-annual showcase which enables them to promote their new clients to international agency affiliates.

by Jayelle Dorsainville

As the Social Media & Content Specialist of InterFACE, I'm here to provide you with up-to-date Entertainment, Fashion and InterFACE news!
  • lea

    hi iam very interresting

    • Yveline

      Hi . 29 years old is to much to involved in modeling career ?

  • Jo’el

    to get started for a fee?? I need help

    • jdorsainville

      What do you need help with Jo’el?

  • curena097

    Do you have to be professional to be in an agency? because I don’t have any experience in modeling but I know I have talent if I work hard. What should I do?

    • jdorsainville

      Well, one can only become a professional once they gain experience, so keep on going for your goal. Sign up on the main page if you are not already a client.

    • jdorsainville

      No, many of the top models in the world were discovered without having any previous experience at all.

  • Guest

    do you have any chances in being a runway model if you’re short .

    • jdorsainville

      High fashion models are usually quite tall, but with the right “look” you may be able to break down that rule and make it onto the runway!

  • Cara

    Does it cost money? How much?

    • jdorsainville

      It should not cost a client any money to sign with agency.

  • Jess

    I have a 2 1/2 year old who is very photogenic and just seems to be a natural in front of the camera, at least at Picture People. How can I find out if she could be a model? We live all the way down in cape may county.

    • jdorsainville

      You should check out the information posts on our website, and see if InterFACE is for you and your child.

  • Olivia

    hi my name is olivia im very instrested in modeling ive competed in a national american miss pageant when i was 9 im 11 turning 12 and im 5’1 and i was wondering if im tall enough and what are the requirments for being a model?

    • jdorsainville

      Child models can come in all shapes and sizes, Olivia.

  • Dezz Doyle✌

    My name is Desaray Doyle, 15 from Wallkill New York and I’d like to know if there was any chance of me getting into any sort of modeling agency.

    Thank you so much for your help and support.

    • jdorsainville

      The best way to know if you can obtain a goal of yours, Dezz, is to try. Many modeling agencies hold open calls for aspiring models. We are not an agency, but we are sure that whatever goal you wish to achieve can be reached.

  • Vivian Murphy

    I am 13 years old, 125 lbs and I am 5″4.5-5″5. I have long legs but I have a curvier figure. I have brown hair and light brown eyes. Do you think I would make a good model?

    • Britney Halbur

      I’m actually really similar to that, being 13 years old, 95 pounds, and 5’3. I also have brown hair and brown eyes, and have skinny longs and legs, but am a little curvy in the hips. Would I make a good model also?

      • jdorsainville

        Commercial modeling is definitely a possibility. Don’t forget you’re young and still growing!

  • Andreia Domingues

    What is the age limit for first time models?

    • jdorsainville

      Depending on the type of modeling you’re interested in the age range varies.

  • Jazmin

    What kind of work do u help people get.

    • jdorsainville

      We provide connections to entertainment industry professionals that collaborate with us to reach new and aspiring talent.

  • tom radomski

    How can I be a model?

  • tom radomski

    Is there sports modeling?

    • jdorsainville

      Fitness modeling is an important sector in the modeling world. We have had clients requested for this type of modeling.

  • fozia kauser

    hi, i need to ask if the child is citizen and parents are non immigrants, is it possible for a child to do modelling?

    • jdorsainville


      If the child is a citizen, then the child can participate in modeling opportunities.

  • Serge

    HI, I graduated from Modeling School in Red Bank, New Jersey. I am a 17 year old male. I want to put myself out there and join a very good agency in New Jersey. Can someone help me out? email me –

  • Sarie Goodman

    I’m trying to get my newborn started in modeling. Who would you recommend?

  • Amanda Sears

    I’m 16 years old and interested in modeling, i am getting a portfolio done sometime around Christmas time, what place would be the best for me to send my pictures too ?

    • gwattsrivera

      Hi Amanda, We do not accept photos, however you should fill out the form on our website to be contacted by an InterFACE representative that can tell you more about our company. Good luck!


    Hello, I am a 21 year old mixed woman, I am 5″8 about 125 pounds. I have tan skin, brown eyes and naturally curly hair. A lot of people consider me skinny, and have told me I would make a great model. I have really long legs and a tall torso. Unfortunately, I cannot claim to be in the “curvy” department. Do you think I would make a good model?

  • Q Bowens

    I live in South Jersey, Atlantic County and i have a 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son, 3 year old son, 1 year old son and TWIN girls that are currently 4 months old.! Im interested in getting them into modeling or commercials or ads it’ll be great if they ALL can, but i mainly would LOVE to put my 1 year old son and my 4month old twim girls who aren’t identical but look they are very identical. Im not sure if i’ll be able to look for your response so if you can email your response that’ll be great !

  • Jessica

    I have no experience but am interested in modeling clothes, I need help.

  • Bailey Ferrell

    Hi I’m bailey and I’m 16 I have photos already and would really appreciate modeling it would be a life changing opportunity for me