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Why Do We Love Throwback Thursday?

Nostalgia is defined as, “a sentimental longing for the past, typically a period or place with happy personal associations.” These deep emotions that remind us of “simpler” times have trickled down into our everyday lives; as we enjoy being reminded of what was. The presence of social media becomes an increasing part of our daily lives, and we have even assigned a day of the week to celebrate these sentiments; it’s called Throwback Thursday.

Within the last year, Throwback Thursday has become an integral part of social media. Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds and Tumblr dashboards are flooded with users posting grainy photos of old memories and school pictures. Even those that avoid internet mainstays have posted at least one nostalgic photo hash tagged Throwback Thursday. Before Throwback Thursday could become merely a passing fad, Instagram become one of the most used photo-sharing apps with over 100 million registered users. Instagram only boosted the popularity of the day with image filters that further add to the popularity of remembering the past.

Why are we so invested in making a Throwback Thursday post? In this age of technology and digital cameras why do we still cherish those old photo albums?

It’s really quite simple. We are in the thick of the information age; information can be found and categorized at a much faster rate than ever before. Meme’s, funny pictures and celebrity photos flood every timeline and news feed  but images that connect us to a time before all of that stand out amongst the muck. Reminiscing with friends used to be a portion of socializing amongst planning and checking up. Now we have digital venues to share those memories with everyone.

InterFACE even participates in Throwback Thursday and each of our social platforms reflects our appreciation for yester-year.

Help us celebrate Throwback Thursday by posting your old photos to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to hash tag Throwback Thursday (#ThrowbackThursday).

by Jayelle Dorsainville

As the Social Media & Content Specialist of InterFACE, I'm here to provide you with up-to-date Entertainment, Fashion and InterFACE news!